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World’s End

World's End

Wild Coast 3000 brings together the best mountain bike and running trails in the world into one unique challenge. Starting at around 3000m above sea level, at the top of the Sani pass, the 21 strong team will take four days to travel the first 300 km via the Southern Drakensberg to the beach of the South Coast of Kwazulu-Natal.  From there they head South for three days as they run and ride along 130 km of the Wild Coast Trail, some of the most spectacular and rugged coastline on earth.

Follow the team on live tracking at:

Adventure Part 1 (14 th – 17 th May)

From the top of the Sani pass to the Sea:

There is only one greater mountain-biking experience in South Africa than riding the Sani2C MTB race, and that is to ride the same trail, but we have it all to ourselves.

The Sani2C is undoubtedly the finest riding terrain and manicured single track imaginable! Due the many private farmlands that the route traverses, this trail is closed to the public and is only accessible once a year to the very few and fortunate participants that manage to get a race entry. Never before has the course been held open to allow riders to run the course, when they are not a part of the mass participation event.

That is until now.


Take a look at the first section of the Sani2C course that the team will ride this over four days, starting on Day 2 of the overall adventure.  The sections of the trail will be held open just for the Wild Coast 3000 team.

Here is the first of four fly through films that show the first part of the route …. Day 1 of the Sani2C trail.

The following is Day 2 of the Sani2C Trail but Day 3 of the event. To view some of the terrain (thanks to Google Earth) click on the file below.

We tackle Day 3 of the trail on Day 4 of our event

And the final fourth leg of the Sani2C  mountain bike trail takes the Wild Coast 3000 team out to the sea where they change bike for trail shoes to take on the second half of the adventure as they head down the Wild Coast Trail…

Adventure Part 2 (18 th – 20 th May)

The Wild Coast Trail:

The second half of the adventure then takes the team down the Wild Coast Trail.  A 3-day, 130km goat and cattle trail along some of the most spectacular, rugged, undeveloped and unspoiled coastline on earth, of which most is inaccessible by road and can only be truly explored by bike or on foot.

Three simple rules apply when navigating on the Wild Coast; keep heading south, keep the ocean on your left and a goat track does not simply just end, although sometimes it may seem that way!

This section of the challenge will incorporate running and riding stages. As the team head South they will carry their day pack with water, food, spare clothing and a dry-bag as they make numerous river crossings along the way.

By the end of day 8 as the Wild coast 3000 team reach Port St Johns they will have travelled over 430km.

Whilst there is a lot of descent from the top of the Sani to the sea they will also have climbed more than 4000m.