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A second daily award will feature from time to time on the World’s End adventure. It is the HTFU Award otherwise known as the “Harden The F’ Up” Award. The name pretty well speaks for itself! HTFU is granted for extraordinary acts of ‘patheticness’, for girlish behaviour and generally for not adopting the air of a ‘hard, tough explorer-type.

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Day 1 Pruno


A few nominations flew across the table for this one. First Totti for Sleazy- for spending £45 on fancy moisturiser (a tube of lube) at Heathrow Airport. Second for Shrek for ignorance about Heathrow airport. Finally Pruno- on behalf of Gobby- for the Kneegate saga. The strong young rider took the award for his Dad with unanimous vote.

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A robust first nomination by Michelin on this one (“…We’re friends, right?”)- Auld Mug made a right fuss walking over a few sharp stones to the lake. Unanimous vote in favour. Gobby (and Pruno, by proxy) got off lightly.

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Day 5 Peachy

No cause for allama

Michelin was already in the running for this one, after the fuss made about the lost DoTD jacket. But the floor opened with Peachy nominating BJ for cleaning his bikes with baby wipes, while it was being hardcore fixed around him. BJ quickly won over the undecided, on recalling Peachy squealing while he ran away from a friendly llama on this morning’s pass.

BJ: 1

Peachy: The rest

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Day 8 Imelda


Today’s HTFU started with a bold nomination by Imelda for Totti. Has anyone seen the film Twister? The wind which carries cars, breaks houses, causes havoc? Well, yesterday (a nomination being played entirely tactically), Totti claimed to have been caught up in one. Moved miles on the bike. (Sleazy suggested there also may have been a yellow brick road and a tin man involved.) BJ provived supporting evidence that Totti, in all his bulk, had truly been budged across the road… But it didn’t stand. Wasn’t a tornado.

In retaliation, Totti came back on Imelda. We’re sensing a pattern here. Not a day-specific nomination- but has Imelda been seen recently doing table service? Making coffee? Lifting bags? He wouldn’t make it in catering college. All those who voted in favour were clearly gunning for a bit of Chris’ coffee and TLC for the 7.30 start tomorrow. A narrow win.

Totti: 4

Imelda: 6

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Day 9 Michelin


HTFU got complex. First up was Michelin, who made an “anonymous” nomination for the owner of a motorcycle clothing brand who’d been inadequately dressed for the cold this morning. Cold pinkies and marigold gloves were dragged up.

Next came a HTFU from Auld Mug to Pat, for having complained so much during her coffee duties today.

Imelda was nominated by The Bok for his uncharacteristic silence- shouldn’t he just HTFU and nominate?

But ultimately the tables turned on Michelin- an “anonymous” nomination doesn’t cut it. If you’re going to try and throw Auld Mug under the bus- again- you’ve got to at least do it by name….

Fat Pat- 2

Michelin- The rest

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Day 15 Pruno and Imelda

The Double-Double

In a twist of fate tonight saw the first ever “double-double”- DOTD winners Pruno and Imelda were also on the line for HTFU for shaving off expedition facial hair (Pruno) and for being conspicuously absent in the macho bikes-off-trailer team earlier in the day (Imelda).

The Bok called it- both won.

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Here we are in trail running heaven. Everywhere you look there are magnificent glacial capped mountains. We are in the middle of a National Park where running through rain-forest is spectacular. Yet these four decided to run along the flat boring road to a bridge to take some photos of themselves! The rest of the runners nailed a 15km run with over 1000 metres of climb! Harden the F**k up you four!

Vote taken, unanimously carried.

Day 20 Phillip

Smoke and Mirrors

Despite thousands of hours spent in the gym. Philip struggled to pick up his bike today and relied on Butches help on more than one occasion, each time he fell off his bike infact. HTFU Phillip.

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Day 22 Pruno & Peachy

Thumbs up/Gate-gate

In the spirit of double awarding, two nominations made it over the line tonight. George, for a minor injury to the thumb which was plastered like a war wound, and Will for sheer incapacity to close Argentinian farm gates on the post-ride cycle.

Peachy & Pruno- unanimous