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Why Oh Why!

‘Why oh Why’ would each of the team members chose to accept The World’s End challenge.  It makes interesting reading. Take a look at why each of the World’s End team members said yes, below.

Why oh why did I say yes



(aka George)

Who am I?

I used to be known as The Kid, but though no choice of my own, got re-branded to Peachy (apparently due to bruising too easily when the ex- All Black’s physio goes to work on me). I am almost one of the veterans, having only missed a few days of Africa 100, but managed all the other miles since these adventures have been going ahead (whether it be by foot, bike, motorbike or raft).

Why oh why??? Am I going on this trip…

This is a real modern day adventure, which are hard to come by in today’s day to day life for anyone. We’ll have  5 weeks of daily adrenaline, challenges and the unfamiliar. We are a group of 20+ people who know nothing about South America and probably less about motorbikes. So each day will be a first for everyone on who whole trip. 

The route and terrain is something so different to our ‘usual’ motorbike trip, which brings its own challenges as it is hard to prepare for what you don’t know (temperature, terrain, locals). To add to the challenge, almost half of  the group are brand new to motorbiking. We have tried this before with one or two newbies and it didn’t go that well. So when we have 7 or 8 who will be first timers to bikes or the way we do these ‘Ratcliffe Tours’, it will guarantee we are adventuring into the unknown.

In summary to ‘Why of why am I going on this trip…’ How could I say no!


Auld Mug

(aka Jim)

Who am I?

Jim. Creative director of INE0S.

Why oh why?

Making the most of my miserably short time on this planet. And trying really hard this time not to make it miserably shorter.

It will be a blast.



(aka Ben)

“Michelin”, formerly know as Ben, has suffered from a life-long and incurable affliction; a passion for all thing mechanical.  If it has wheels and an engine then he wants to get on it or in it and drive it.  After an eclectic career that in which he has largely avoided doing anything that would be described as “proper work”, he has more recently acquired a veneer of respectability as the Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club, the UK’s oldest motoring organisation.  As to why am I going on this trip?  Because it will be mega – it is all the things I love doing!  It has all the best ingredients:  motor bikes, stunning countries, great company and of course, adventure.  I couldn’t say ‘YES’ quickly enough!



(aka Gisli)

Who am I?

“Sunray”, formerly known as Gisli from Iceland, a passionate fisherman and outdoor maniac. I am 54 but still a boy inside. I have an incurable love for gadgets 4×4 cars, snowmobiles and off-road vehicles of any kind.

Why oh why?

This is the opportunity of a lifetime. For me it is like a dream come true.


The Bok

(aka Greg)

Turned Adventure Biker in 2012 when I planned, recced and delivered Africa 100 for Jim’s 60th Birthday with no idea or a stitch of experience. Did the same for Africa 200 in 2015 with equal resounding success and so it was not long before the idea of another adventure evolved.
This time from a lonely desert in Northern Chile to the end of the World.
Cannot wait…!


(aka Sam)

Who am I?

I am Sam. Also known as the mechanic, the bike lifter, the wheel changer and the guy you hope is behind you in case you need assistance or in Georges case, someone to operate the camera in those ever so carefully planned photo opportunities that win awards.

Why on this trip?

Why would you not want to go on this trip? There are not many (if any other) opportunities to burn around South America on a motorbike past some of the most breath-taking scenery we will have ever seen. This will be a new landscape, a new group and possibly most interestingly a new culture that we have not really experienced. We have traveled round Africa in many different ways, bike, Land Rover, bicycle, canoe and running. There is still so much to explore but there are other continents as well so it is an amazing opportunity to spend some time elsewhere and let the mystery and pull of Africa grow once more. I also really really like being on a motorbike!



(aka Felicity)

DD is only prepared to be called a ‘veteran’ in relation to one aspect of her life, and that is motorbiking! Having joined the original Africa 100 team in 2012 as one of two honorary girl “bikers”, DD discovered a new passion for speed and adventure on two wheels. She loves a challenge, defies stereotypes, and enjoys pushing herself beyond the norm.

Why oh why…am I doing this trip…

What could be more interesting than exploring South America on two wheels with a group of friends and motorbike enthusiasts. It will require strength, courage, technical ability and above all a sense of humour!

Let it all unfold!!



(aka Tim)

This motorbike journey just ticks all the boxes. It is going to be an amazing adventure, travelling through some incredible scenery, with a bunch of mates, having fun. What can be better than that?

So, Gobby is in and full marks to Auld Mug, as he is now affectionately known, for inviting the usual  bunch of reprobates to join him. Some might think that this is a bit brief for Gobby; but what more is there to say? Bring it on……..



(aka Cecil)

Who am I?

Up there with family, friends, sailing and adventuring…I love shoes and chairs.

Why oh why????

Was it the thought of crisscrossing the Andes on a glorious new 1200GS? Was it the draw of camaraderie only gained through mutual hardship? Was it the dream of smoking a perfect Cohiba next to a desert campfire under the star-spangled Southern Hemisphere night sky? Hmmm, was it Robin’s promise of the finest wine South America has to offer or maybe the thought of sharing a room with him?

Nope…’s the Kit…of course.



(aka Nick)

Although it pains me to use the word, I guess I am one of the ‘veterans’ on the trip . . . having been blessed with the good fortune to participate from start to finish on both the Africa 100 and Africa 200 motorcycle adventures . . . and to survive to tell the tale – just!

I know from past experience that we are in for the most incredible, fun, exciting, quite possibly frightening but definitely inspirational few weeks, with a great bunch of people – and how could I possibly not say ‘yes’ to such an amazing opportunity.  

Can’t wait!



(aka Phil)

Why oh why?

Africa 100 – “Come for an adventure…..You’ll love it!” They said.

Two oceans Marathon – “Come for a run… It’ll be fun!” They said.

Africa 200- “Kenya to Cape Town on motorbikes….you keen? It’ll be a blast” They said.

Namibia 600- “Let’s do something in Namibia….. it’ll blow your mind !!” They said

Wild Coast 3000 – “How about a few hundred kilometres on a mountain bike and then for shits and giggles two marathons and an ultra in three days….. It’ll be an adventure?” They said.

They were 100% correct! Every adventure has been an opportunity to increase the highlights of my life since 2012 I have absolutely loved every single journey they indeed have all been fun, mind blowing absolutely like nothing else I HAVE ever experience.

So why stop now? To world’s end and beyond ……………..



(aka David T.)

Who am I?

A family guy, who tends to put others first, but who also looks to make the most of opportunities when they arise. Hoping not to pronk whilst on the bike.

Why on this trip?

What an opportunity! New skill, new experience, new continent with a great bunch of inspirational folks. And it fills some of the winter break at FC Lausanne Sport!



(aka Justin)

On Tour at the moment… Why oh why will remain a mystery!


Fat Pat

(aka Pat)

I’m a true veteran of the African adventures with Jim & Co and am delighted to be invited to the South American extravaganza.  For those of you attending for the first time, please note that I run Fat Pat’s Cafe which not only supplies hot teas and coffees but also dishes out lashings of encouragement and bonhomie along the route.  Unless, of course,  you ask for something really difficult or pretentious like a tall, half-caff, soy latte at 120 degrees to which the standard response is “on yer bike”.



(aka Oli)

Who am I?

I am Bambi, the long-legged, wide eyed, youthful adventurer!

Why oh why?

This is not my first exploration with this gang. I first officially joined the group in Zambia, halfway through Africa 200, riding from Victoria Falls through the Namib Desert and down to the Cape of Good Hope. It was two weeks of all-in fun, adventure and camaraderie. Totally unforgettable! My subsequent appearances as Bambi have required slightly different preparation and capabilities (sufficient to cope with desert and beach marathons through Africa, amongst other things), but each trip has been rewarding and life-impacting in its own way. This trip now, to the World’s End, is back to the original, petrol-fuelled motor biking. It is set to be technically challenging, and this time on a completely different continent. There is no doubt it will be another unforgettable adventure, and I cannot wait to join the group to see what stories lie ahead!



(aka Will)

Pruno here.

Christened back in 2015 for a 600km stretch across Namibia on just man power alone…

So naturally when I heard that this would be done in a more leisurely fashion, I jumped at the chance!!

Looking forward to spending time with the gang, new members and old, on a machine that is relatively new to me. It’s a part of the world I’ve never been to, but one I’m keen to explore..

Not long to go now! Best wishes to all, and see you soon.


The Mummy

(aka Ursula)

Who am I?

Occasionally referred to by The Bok as “The Minister (of Communication)”, deputising to The Hack. More widely known as The Mummy, I’m a Wild Coast veteran and a very lucky wild card once more.

Why Oh Why?

Where to begin?
For the love of riding bikes. For the chance to explore an exciting new corner of the world. For earning some off-road stripes. For the unknown. For stretching the comfort zone. For a few weeks of seeking zen through the art of maintaining motorcycle uprightness. And most of all, for the adventuring company- what a biker gang to meander to the End of the World with! A dream ride, and I absolutely can’t wait.



(aka David k.)

BJ alias David K – fancy a bike trip down through Latin America – probably around 5500km and 5 weeks? Mmmm – can’t mean mountain bikes – must be road bikes if we’ve got decent roads but that’s more than the Tour de France stuff… can’t be right. Ok maybe it’s JUST about humanly possible if we do 150km a day every day and its flat and maybe not quite 5500km and maybe the odd long ferry ride….. och yes ..another fantastic bike trip ..we’ll be SO fit at the end of that trip!. So YES pls! Fast forward – its motorbikes! Eh? But I never even sat on a motorbike before – don’t even have a licence or a beer belly. Hells teeth – better fess up and apologise for the mistake. Hold on – first rule of JAR trips – can’t say no after yes. So this is REALLY going to be the ultimate scary challenge and trip of a lifetime! But just look at that scenery – that awesome route – from desert to ocean, up to 5000m and every kind of climate and landscape in between. How could anyone even for a nano second think of saying no?!! This will be like nothing the 4+ newbie Desperados have ever done before. Outwardly nonchalant but the butterflies are going into overdrive!


The Hack

(aka Richard)

Who am I?

The Hack….It can mean journalist but not normally!!! More like Minister for Information… reading between the lines I am very suspicious that the brochure for World’s End suggests the mode of transport does not involve burning of any calories…where’s the catch?

Why oh Why?

A wise man once said: “One should if one can try and maximise the number of days in one’s life that are unforgettable!” and once in a lifetime adventures don’t come more unforgettable than this!     

World’s End is a proper challenge. It is not going to be a walk in the park. It will be something that we will all feel at the end of the trip that we’ve really achieved something personally. And I can’t wait!

I am fortunate to have been asked to join a couple of Jim’s challenges and each time they exceed my wildest expectations. There is always more adrenaline, more stories, more humour, more comradery, more drama, exhaustion, pain, mud, sand, grit, heat and highs!

Hold onto your handlebars – the creative genius of Jim and Gregg has been in overdrive on this one.    

To the World’s End! (and hopefully back.)



(aka Leen)

I am from a country famous for its bikes,  not motor bikes, 300km top to bottom, not 6,000km and mostly below sea level, not 5,000km high so yes of course I am thrilled to have been invited for the Worlds End tour. 

I am new into this. It took a bit of effort to pass the test (blame the Swiss), to stand up on a bike with the big boots (clogs might work better) and to get all the gear sorted (not really, thanks Belstaff)  but now I am ready to start.

I still cherish the memories of Namibia, topped up with our great adventure at the Wildcoast but I am sure this will be matched by our experiences on our way down to Worlds End. 

Maybe best to experience it as a third book in a trilogy; it brings great memories back of the previous trips and probably best to experience this trip as our last big adventure (well maybe…hasta luego)



(aka Robin)

As a veteran of 2 previous epic adventures with Jim and this grisly lot of ‘hairy arsed bikers’ (obviously I wouldn’t include Double D, Fat Pat, Taka Taka, The Mummy or Imelda in the description……..Imelda I hear you question!! but let me tell you, having shared a tent with this big girls blouse on previous trips I know a thing or two!!!…..sorry Chris I know I promised not to mention the Immac)
……. anyway I digress………..i would like to think I get invited on these trips because of my peerless biking skills, my navigational nous or logistical expertise, but frankly I suspect not. Up until now I have had one job and one job only, that of travelling Cellar Master, on our previous escapade to the middle of nowhere in Africa we managed to cart around a cellar of 25 bins of the highest rated wines on that continent. Never mind other fancy endurance achievements, this lot have actually drunk 95 point wines where no other living person has! Even the infamous Robert Parker has never drunk the legendary Eben Sadie’s Columella in ‘Buttf**knowhere, Tanzania’.
Pretty cool I hear you say but as if the my Sommelier skills were not compelling enough, I have now gained another responsibility, that of ‘outfitter’ to our modern adventurers. Yes indeed the sartorial elegance of this otherwise motley crew is down to the fact we literally ‘got weaving’ at Belstaff to try to create the best motorbike adventure suit on the planet…………..only time, multiple temperature changes and a few thousand klics will tell if we succeeded, but if we have then the adventure biking world will love this gear.

Oh yes about the biking………love my new bike, love the adventure, love the camaraderie, love the trails……………….hate the sand!
Never been to South America, so just a bit over excited about this trip, bring it on!


Sleazy Rider

(aka Tim)

When Jim suggested going to Africa to do some ‘serious sand’ a few years ago, I stupidly jumped at the chance. The constant daily routine of W1 to W1 ‘parcel on board’ was getting a bit tedious for me, my radio call sign Echo 46 was outdated, my 1982 Honda 250 superdream was being replaced by a Chinese step through 125. All my hopeless mates had gone on to be hoteliers, yacht salesmen, petrochemical tycoons or movie producers. Not sure where the nickname Sleazy came from, possibly all those Soho to Soho video drops way back when….

Time for a change I thought and joined in for the two Africa trips. Returning to a pre Brexit Britain and emails having virtually taken over from my dispatch riding, I attached a deliveroo box to the back of the Hsang Foo step through and worked nights. The wife was getting annoyed due to the cleaning bills and me hanging around the squat all day doing online gambling waiting for those nice people in red to drop round from ‘postcode lottery’.

When Jim mentioned a trip to South America I was forced by the wife to do it, just ‘to get you out of the house you ******* lay about’

Luckily my new deliveroo job was strictly a ‘zero hour’ contract and leaving was easy….

I’m looking forward joining the old crew (and some new) for more adventures on the road and getting away while the wife changes the door locks. If anyone gets a bit bored of ceviche, steak, fine wines  and all that stuff we’ll all be enjoying I can always bring the top box and pop out for a pizza.


Taka Taka

(aka Malu)

Taka Taka…. is the colloquial name for somebody that is continually negotiating at a million words a minute, all in Spanish and nobody knows what’s going on but things get solved in the end…. We will see her in action on the World’s End trip for sure… our chief negotiator and Ms Fixit. Watch out Gobby!

(Taka Taka: aka. Malu)


The Monk

(aka Francisco)

Francisco The Monk…. He just gets on with things often quietly…. until he gets behind the wheel of a car and then his Latin blood comes out … on the recce we nicknamed him Sarel after a famous off-road rally driver from 80’s South Africa…. For World’s End, he is driving the back-up car … Let us pray!

(The Monk: aka. Francisco)



(aka Ben)

Catching events on camera, as the adventure unfolds is Shorty. Once again our eye in the sky and film production unit.