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The Wild Coast 3000 trip has benefitted from the generous support of the Lynford School Community and the Sani2C team, who have allowed us to utilise the iconic mountain bike race route over four unforgettable cycling days.

As a thank you, Jim has made a generous donation to Lynford School in Ixopo. Lynford was founded in 1996 and educates around 190 local children, with a core emphasis on making the most of, and taking responsibility for, the incredible local environment. Lynford is a registered non-profit organisation and is committed to uplifting the community that surrounds the school. In order to cater for the diverse community, Lynford offers around 25% of its pupils considerable financial support, via a bursary programme, so that they are able to attend the school. In addition to this, Lynford also supports other neighbouring schools in the community with materials and expertise.

Jim’s generous donation will enable some 8 children to be educated at Lynford next year, who otherwise would not have had the means to do so.

The Wild Coast 3000 Team were delighted to meet and hear from the Principal, Tim Botha, after he ferried us across the river into camp after our muddiest day of cycling. Tim also presented us with brilliant personalised painted mugs that the Lynford children had made for us. (Don’t tell them we drank gin from them!)

To find out more about the school, visit or email