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Sunray really is a ray of sunshine. This tall and gentle Icelandic judo champion cheers people with his quiet humour. Yet his fiery, formidable Latin dance moves are still the talk of Havana, where most of the cities civil engineers remain employed in the extensive repair of the local dance school following his last visit. The ‘Sunray Shadow’ is also the only fly to use in Iceland where salmon are revered.

(SunRay: aka. Gisli)


Taka Taka…. is the colloquial name for somebody that is continually negotiating at a million words a minute, all in Spanish and nobody knows what’s going on but things get solved in the end…. We will see her in action on the World’s End trip for sure… our chief negotiator and Ms Fixit. Watch out Gobby!

(Taka Taka: aka. Malu)


Girls are made of sugar and spice and boys of snips and snails, but Michelin is made from a stack of tires! Fitting for a hero of the car industry! The Michelin man character came from the imagination of André and Edouard Michelin brought to life at The Paris Motor Show in 1898. You haven’t seen Michelin Man in a while but he’s not “retyred”, He is on the World’s End tour dressed in Belstaff “a tyre”. (groan!)

(Michelin: aka. Ben C.)


Francisco The Monk…. He just gets on with things often quietly…. until he gets behind the wheel of a car and then his Latin blood comes out … on the recce we nicknamed him Sarel after a famous off-road rally driver from 80’s South Africa…. For World’s End, he is driving the back-up car … Let us pray!

(The Monk: aka. Francisco)


To quote the Vaccines: “Cause I got so down I held the world for ransom. Lonely, bored and bad, thank God I’m handsome. I’m as lawful as they come, oh, what a pity. So thank the Lord above that I am pretty, so pretty, so pretty, so pretty!” Nuff said!

(Handsome: aka. Justin)



Jim. (our Creative director) was affectionately known as Bus Pass, a name given to him by his close friends and family on his coming of age. But he has never been on a bus, nor applied for his free pass. But he has been on a 32ft foiling catamaran with the world’s most decorated sailor. And so following Bus Pass’s challenge for The America’s Cup, affectionately known as the Auld Mug, a new name became clear.

(Auld Mug: aka. Jim)



For many years George has enjoyed a rather cool name as ‘The Kid’. But as he has aged it appears he has softened. Not only does he now require a regular massage but his masseuse has her own pet name for him. Peachy! On account that he bruises…easily.. like a peach. We rather like the name, don’t you?

(Peachy: aka. George)

Sam Ratcliffe

I am Sam. Also known as the mechanic, the bike lifter, the wheel changer and the guy you hope is behind you in case you need assistance or in Georges case, someone to operate the camera in those ever so carefully planned photo opportunities that win awards.

(Butch aka. Sam)

Chris Cecil Wright

Why oh why????

Was it the thought of crisscrossing the Andes on a glorious new 1200GS? Was it the draw of camaraderie only gained through mutual hardship? Was it the dream of smoking a perfect Cohiba next to a desert campfire under the star-spangled Southern Hemisphere night sky? Hmmm, was it Robin’s promise of the finest wine South America has to offer or maybe the thought of sharing a room with him?

Nope…it’s the Kit

(Imelda aka Cecil)


As lead expedition guide the Bok has recc’ed the entire route to ensure there is level ground at the end of each day on which to mix gin and tonics and assemble a comfortable bed. As are all South Africans he is built of girders.

(The Bok aka. Gregg)


A Philistine is a fourteenth century ruffian. He had a reputation for breaking things and marauding through the desert. Pretty spot on for Phill.

(Philistine aka. Phill)

Leen Heemskerk

He’s Dutch!!


(Cloggs aka. Leen)

Oli Hayward-Young

Oliver used to be young and gangly. Now he is just gangly. Hence Bambi. They struggle to control their flailing, wobbling legs.

(Bambi aka. Oli)

Richard Longden

It can mean journalist but not normally!!!

(The Hack aka. Richard)

Nick Hayward-Young

Whilst a lean and athletic 50 something year old, he has, peculiarly, fingers the size of sausages.

(Shrek aka. Nick)


She studied Anthropology and Archaeology and she often seems to have strapping bandages supporting one injury or another. No matter how we tried we could not get past the image of a Mummy, (of the Egyptian kind) which seemed somehow fitting.

(The Mummy: aka. Ursula)


For lovers of Africa you will doubtlessly be familiar with the Thompson Gazelle, famous for its mating demonstration or ‘pronking’. The biggest ‘pronker’ gets the best girls. It didn’t always work in Fools & Horses.

(Pronker aka. David)

Pat Hayward

The real Fat Pat is a black rapper. Our Pat is neither fat nor black and as far as we know doesn’t rap. But we liked the name, we felt it had a Pat-like quality about it and she looks cool in shades. So Fat Pat it is.

(Pat aka. Fat Pat)

Ben Barnett

He ain’t short.


(Shorty aka. Ben)


If it’s unwise for a man to ask a lady her age, then god help him if he asks the reason behind her nickname. A fearsome motorcyclist with little regard for personal safety, DD’s presence will hopefully ensure that Gobby always cleans his teeth before going to bed and changes his pants at least once a week.

(Effie aka. DD)


Couldn’t understand why the instructor wasn’t grateful for advice on clutch control during the pathetically easy CBT (compulsory basic training). Not surprisingly Gobby failed before he even got out on the roads. Undaunted, he successfully re-sat the test and is now regularly seen on his beema – burning rubber outside Bentalls and wheelying through the shopping centres of Kingston.

(Tim aka. Gobby)


Bike fitted with sophisticated, temperature controlled panniers for carrying locally purchased wine.

(Robin aka. Totti)


There were a few names to choose from: The Sweaties, Porker, Pervy…da di da… The one that found universal acclaim though was B.J. This could mean Big Jock, or as Billy Connolly would say Bigyin Jock, or…well the most obvious would be…probably best not tell the children.

(B.J aka. David K.)


Will has launched himself upon the modelling world. Every time he sees a camera he says prune, slowly. This accentuates his pouting lips to give the full-on model shot.

(Will aka Pruno)


Silver haired creative type one of a few genuine ‘bikers’ on the trip. Enjoys taking his Harley on extravagant Fatboy gastro-tours with his mate Totti. Never recovered from failing the audition for the Hairy Bikers.

(Tim aka Sleazy Rider)